Oakley Airwave Ski Goggles With Heads Up Display Lets You Ski Terminator Style

Oakley, the company which is known for its sports gear and sunglasses has announced a new model of ski goggles called Airwave. This futuristic ski goggle has been developed in conjunction with the leading Heads-up Display (HUD) company Recon Instruments and boasts a host of features that turns skiing into a completely exciting and unique experience.

“Our icon defines the leading edge of performance innovation, and the new Airwave goggle brings alpine sports into the future with a stunning array of capabilities,” said Oakley CEO Colin Baden. “It utilizes cutting-edge electronics to give skiers and riders instant access to a world of information. Airwave represents the power and possibility of technology, and it comes with world-class optical performance, comfort and protection engineered over decades of Oakley innovation.”

Airwave ski goggles use a technology called “prism” to display information and the wearer feels he or she is looking at a 14 inch display from a distance of 5 feet. And since Airwave comes equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the goggle turns into a truly versatile gadget. The goggle can display ski analytics such as speed, altitude, vertical descent data and such, pinpoint the wearers location on a map, provide navigational information, locate and track the positions of other skiers connected to you, etc,. In addition to this Airwave is also capable of connecting to your iPhone or Android smartphone and display incoming calls, show playlists, which can be controlled using a glove friendly remote that can be attached to the user or the goggle and a lot more.

Apart from smartphones and tablets, the goggle can also be connected to other devices using Bluetooth such as heart rate monitors.

Oakley Airwave will be available in Gun Metal/Black frame color with Black Iridium lens and White frame with Fire Iridium lens.

“Oakley is dedicated beyond reason to exceed the limits of possibility, and Airwave will let winter sports enthusiasts do the same with technology that offers the ultimate in performance, convenience and capability,” Baden concluded.

Apart from the official website, Airwave lens will available for purchase through Apple stores and Apple.com. For the complete list of features visit Oakley.com


Via: Engadget