Is A Smaller Samsung Galaxy S III On The Way?

Rumors have it that the Samsung Galaxy S family will soon get a new member, but unlike the giants that the Galaxy S series is known for, the new model could be a comparatively smaller. This has made many suggest that the new smaller smartphone could be a mini Galaxy S III.

The source of the rumor is a supposed invite to an October 11 event, sent out by the South Korean electronics giant’s German branch. The invite is a “Samsung Blue” coloured poster with a Galaxy S style “S” logo in the background. The invite reads the following in German. “So gross kann klein sein” and below the large text is a sub title which says, “ und so klein kann gross sein.” The first sentence translates to “So big can be small”, while the latter means “and so small can be big.” At least that’s what Google translate says. But the proper translation seems to be “That’s how big small can be.” This version comes from TechRadar’s in house German native. While not very informative, that last sentence seems to point at a powerful, feature rich new product in a small package.

Going by rumors, the new mini Galaxy S product could sport a 4 inch AMOLED display and also feature a 5MP camera. While nothing is confirmed yet, a strategy such as this by Samsung could certainly prove to be beneficial to world’s largest Android smartphone maker. There are multiple angles to look at here. Firstly, the iPhone 5 factor. Apple has just introduced a new iPhone, which for the first time, sports a slightly larger 4 inch display. If Samsung does bring out a similar sized smartphone at this point, with specs to match or something near the iPhone, but also priced at a lower point, it could be a huge blow to the Cupertino company. Also, while the Galaxy S III is a great phone, with some features that are even better than the iPhone 5, its greatest advantage is also its major drawback. At one end the massive screen draws consumers like a moth to a light bulb, but many are forced to stay away from the Galaxy S III because they do not favor a ultra large display on a smartphone.

A mini Galaxy S III, as some are suggesting the new phone to be, could bridge that gap. A smaller device but with the S III ’s genes. Would you prefer a mini Galaxy S III over the original?


Via: Tech Radar