Irish firm signed a multi-million deal with Australian retailer over International Roaming Services

A new agreement has lately been sealed between Ireland’s mobile network operator, Cubic Telecom and Australia’s retailer giant, Woolworths. It is a multi-million dollar deal that promises cheaper, better and broader roaming services to travelers.

Cubic Telecom, an Irish firm and a global leader in the mobile communications industry is now an official affiliate of Woolworths Mobile Global Roaming in Australia. The latest merger is done with intention to provide boundless telecommunication services to international nomads, in low fees.

A substantial benefit of this commercial treaty is the amount of savings Australian mobile users can accrue from phone charges while staying in a foreign country. It will be approximately 90 per cent (maximum) off from the standard fee imposed by phone operators for roaming services.

Australians find it difficult to see the roaming charges levied by typical phone operators are already soaring up to $20 AUD ($20.4 USD) per megabyte of data download from abroad. It is also costly to make a phone call from destinations like China, usually up to $6 per minute. Apparently, it is hurting one’s pocket to pay that much.

Nevertheless, with the recently employed service union between Woolworths and Cubic Telecom, calling abroad will no longer be that pricey. Australian travelers will expect to see a huge discount on their phone bills by then. All they have to do is to secure a SIM sold by the mobile virtual network operator, Woolworths Mobile under the Global Roaming SIM brand. These SIMs are available in almost 900 stores and catalogue that is disseminated to millions of homes.

Woolworths Mobile SIMs would reduce phone charges to 18c per minute. This is apart from the free incoming call service that is also included in the package.

The Global Roaming SIM, branded solely as Woolworths Mobile product will be offered by 890 Woolworths’ stores nationwide. It goes with a $10 credit, making its average cost of $29 only. These SIMs are also compatible with any open-line phones, regardless of their sizes — from standard to micro SIM.

Kieran Sexton, sales director of Cubic Telecom said this is going to be a very good business for the company – the biggest contract Cubic has signed to date.

Given around 22 million Australians, from which a huge number opt to travel every year, there is always a good chance that the majority, if not all of these travelers would consider getting the service by then. After all it will be a huge amount of savings on their part.

Cubic Telecom runs the MAXroam cut-price roaming MVNO. Maxroam’s virtual SIM, otherwise known as multi-IMSI technology is currently being utilized to support the latest global roaming product from Woolworth Mobile, Woolworths’ own MVNO. It offers a special service that allows travelers to manage their roaming cost. Aside from the fact that the service is prepaid, it also comes with low balance alerts. This is indeed good news to all travelers in the UK, especially those in budget constraint.

The service is purportedly not exclusive to travelers though as it could also be one of the alternatives that Australians may go for, to lessen their expenses from data download, given the standard high rate.

Source: Irish Times