iControlPad 2 Open Source Gamepad Gets QWERTY Keys

The first product from Product 3 LLC was the original iControlPad. A gamepad that connected to smartphones and tablets of almost every make and provided an improved mobile gaming experience. The project was well received by consumers and now based on the feedback received over the iControlPad, the developers have come up with the iControlPad 2. The major upgrade the latest model gets over the first generation is the addition of QWERTY keyboard.

In case you haven’t come across iControlPad earlier, read on. iControlPad 2 is basically a gaming control pad for devices that themselves lack physical keys. There is a growing breed of similar products available in the market but what sets the iControlPad 2 apart is its open source nature. While the provided firmware is written so as to support almost every existing smartphone, tablet, PC and Mac hardware, you can easily hack into the device and install your own custom software. For example, say you have built your own robot or some sort of machine, that hardware can be controlled using iControlPad 2 by installing your own software. In case you are a regular person with no knowledge of programming, you could simply download a software written by someone else and install it on to your iControlPad 2. It’s that flexible.

The available control keys are a D-Pad, dual analog sticks, 2 shoulder buttons, action keys, start and select, separate numeric and function keys and QWERTY keyboard. The controller connects to devices either via USB or through Bluetooth and the makers claim the battery will last for about 14 hours.

Unlike some of the other gamepads for smartphones, iControlPad 2 users do not have to worry about lack of application support. Every app or game, whether it is developed using external gamepads in mind or not, can be controlled by iControlPad 2 due to its overlay software. (checkout the video from the source link after the break to see how it works). While you might think the QWERTY the keyboard is too small for any real use, you could not be more wrong. The keyboard can be used to remotely control or type on your PC but the best use would be when connected to a system like Raspberry Pi. iControlPad 2 suddenly opens up a whole world of possibilities.

Currently available on Kickstarter, you can go ahead and pledge if this product has caught your imagination. Additional info can also be found in the official page here.


Source: Kickstarter