Dublin student promotes own Zorin OS at Web Summit

Four years ago, a student from St. Conleth’s Secondary School in Ballsbridge developed a masterpiece in a form of a new operating system, together with his brother, a student from Trinity College. The software they have generated is labeled Zorin Operating System.

Sixteen-year old Artyom Zorin and his eighteen-year old brother Kyrill created the first version of Zorin OS in 2008, with intent to put up with Microsoft Windows. In order to upsurge customer base and brand acknowledgment, Artyom hosted the latest version of his own software at the 2012 Dublin Web Summit.

This year’s Web Summit is participated in by the finest and brightest of both Irish and international tech firms. It has appealed over 4,000 guests from more than 50 countries to the RDS.

Seeing the Web Summit as the best area to gain promising welfares for his creation, the teenage software developer did not waste his time. Unlike most Leaving Certificate students, who spent after-school hours relaxing or doing homework, Artyom opted to be with venture capitalists to promote his masterwork.

Yesterday, the 16-year old Zorin developer met with business inventors at the Web Summit in Dublin to endorse his newest Zorin OS package. The first version of Zorin was released in 2008 and the sixth version just rolled out this year. The software has rapidly become one of the most prevalent of its type since then.

The Zorin brothers also created their own version of Linux software, which pulls around 800 visitors per day. The software is available on the respected Linux site Distrowatch. It is listed among the most prominent types of Linux software worldwide.

Linux OS was primarily developed as a conventional contender of Microsoft Windows. Besides PCs, the operating system is also used on numbers of Android smartphones these days.

Compared to other Linux OS circulation, the teenagers’ version is said to appear closer to reinventing Windows system, according to reviewers.

Zorin OS is comprised of three versions including a free version, a premium version available for download at €7, and the ultimate version, which is downloadable for a price of €10.

According to Artyom, they are inspired to develop their own OS after trying the Ubuntu OS, which according to him, was only aimed at computer geeks and not easily accessible by ordinary computer users, including his father. Seeing such a form of dearth, the teenage brothers then created their own version that is easier to use and more user-friendly.

Artyom however, has elucidated that they are not after for any funding from venture capitalists. Instead, they just wanted to establish some contacts that would aid in the escalation of their brand recognition in the future. The Zorin brothers are looking forward to supplying software for some giant tech firms like Dell. In fact, they have been getting calls from companies interested about their masterpiece. Besides targeting huge firms, Zorin brothers are also in the verge of designing new software intended for smaller companies.

Given such an impressive, ingenious art, at a very young age, Artyom has been getting numerous job offers from different people in and out of Ireland.

Source: CareersPortal