Apple Sends Out Invites To Oct 23 Event, iPad Mini Expected

No, Apple has not mentioned the words iPad mini and no, it does not say anything regarding the launch of a tablet at all. The invite to the October 23rd event which Apple has sent out only states the following, “We’ve got a little more to show you,” and we assume it is going to be the long rumored miniature version of the iPad. The sentence seems to tells us that the iPhone 5 launch last month was just the beginning of a larger event which will culminate at the California Theatre in San Jose, California on the 23rd of this month with launch of some more Apple products. Besides the iPad mini, a new 13 inch Mac Book Pro and a redesigned iMac is also expected to be launched.

As for the iPad mini, nothing about the device has remained a secret. In fact, the launch date itself was revealed by a report that appeared on AllThingsDigital earlier this month. Just like the iPhone 5 before, we have been subjected to a barrage of iPad mini rumors over the months, which has included an email conversation between Apple executives, discussing the viability of a 7 inch tablet in the market, iPad mini body parts, including panels and battery pack, a complete device and even price and model listings from a German retailer.

So, based on the various rumors, here are some of the things that we think we know about the iPad mini. Starting with the name itself. Though at no point of time has Apple or any rumor specifically pointed at that name, we still assume the smaller iPad will be called the iPad mini. The display, we think will measure around 7 inches, and according to a Digitimes report, 7.85-inches. Resolution is expected to be non-Retina but the screen ratio is most likely going to be 16:9, rather than the 4:3 of the iPad.

Leaked images have showed that the iPad mini will have sleeker body than the iPad and will also sport front and rear cameras. Speaking of connectivity options, no consensus has been reached. While some rumors point towards a Wi-Fi only model, others have claimed a 3G/4G model will be launched as well. The same is the case with internal memory. We are not sure whether Apple will launch just an 8GB model or will also bring out 16GB models and possibly even 32GB ones.

Finally, the price. If we are to believe the MobileGeeks price listing , an 8GB model could cost as less as $200.