Apple Loses Patent Case Against Samsung in Dutch Court

Apple absorbed another major blow after losing another patent case against rival Samsung Electronics.

A Dutch court junked the patent case of Apple against Samsung, saying that the South Korean company did not infringe Apple’s patent on multi-touch function.

Last September, Apple accused Samsung of copying their multi-touch functionality on their Galaxy smartphones and tablet computers, but the Hague Court decided against Apple’s claim.

The court said: “The court judges that Samsung with the trading of its Galaxy products does not infringe on EP 948. With these products Samsung does not infringe the claims that Apple has made.”

According to the Dutch court ruling, their decision is the same as the previous ruling in cases filed in Britain and Germany wherein Apple also lost their patent claims on multi-touch function as well as the “pinch to zoom” features that are now very popular on smartphones.

Apple, who is known for creating popular features on their iPhones and iPads, declined to comment on the ruling, while Samsung Electronics said that the decision of the Dutch court is another welcome development for their company.

Earlier this week, Samsung also scored a victory in the preliminary invalidation of Apple’s patent.

Samsung announced that officials of the US Patent and Trademark Office said that their company did not commit any patent infringement on the touch-screen feature that allows a user to bounce back to an image if the owner goes beyond the edge of the screen.

The said feature was included in the six features that were allegedly copied by Samsung that forced California federal court to ask Samsung to pay Apple a whopping $1.05 billion in damages. While the patent violation remains as is, Samsung has already taken a huge leap in shifting the decision into their favor.

Earlier this month, the South Korean giant also scored victory over their nemesis in a Britain court wherein Apple filed a case for allegedly copying the design of their tablets.

After the decision was released, Samsung reiterated: “We continue to believe that Apple was not the first to design a tablet with a rectangular shape and rounded corners”.

Apple and Samsung still have patent cases in more than 10 countries that are yet to be decided.