Amazon Is Making A Move Into Classrooms With The New Whispercast Service For Kindle

As tablets become more widespread and content becomes easily accessible, the dream of moving towards an all digital classroom with kids carrying tablets in their hands instead of heavy schoolbags is closer to reality than you might expect. It is not a new concept, however, it has not yet been widely implemented, with only a few examples of universities distributing tablets to students. Apple took the first step towards popularizing e-learning with the introduction of iBooks 2.0 and collaborating with publishers to produce digital textbooks. Its now Amazon’s turn and its prefered method is through its new Whispercast program.

Whispercast is a digital service launched by Amazon that is compatible with all its Kindle lineup of ebook readers and tablets as well as other devices running Kindle apps. And it is not just limited to schools and universities but other businesses and organizations as well. This service provides organizations with an easy way to distribute ebooks among participants. Anyone with a compatible device or software can sign in to their Whispercast account provided by the organization and get access to ebooks that have been provided to them.

This service makes it possible for schools to distribute digital textbooks among students, and the ability to create groups means textbooks can be distributed as per the grade or class the student is in. Businesses can easily provide learning and training materials to its employees as well. Also, since the service works with any device running Kindle app means that users can bring their own Android tablet or iPad or laptops and log into their Whispercast accounts and access the ebooks.

Whispercast features as explained by Amazon is as follows:

Create accounts for your users

“We’ve purchased Kindles, so now what?” With Whispercast, your organization can now get started by assigning users to their Kindles all at once. Say goodbye to having to manually register each Kindle one at a time. Simply enter the user e-mail addresses and passwords you wish to use and Whispercast will process them for you.

Organize your users into groups

Whether you use your Kindles or free Kindle reading apps for a specific class, grade level, or training program, Whispercast gives you the ability to assign users into groups. Kindle users can also be assigned in multiple user groups, providing additional flexibility when managing devices and distributing content.

Control device settings, like Wi-Fi and access to the web

We understand the importance of creating a safe and secure experience when accessing the web and digital content. Whispercast allows your organization to configure Wi-Fi connectivity, filter the web through your proxy settings, and restrict access to certain features on their Kindles. You control how your Kindles are used.

Distribute Kindle content to user groups

Whispercast makes it easy for your organization to procure eBooks from the Kindle Store and distribute them to many users at once. During the purchase process, Whispercast gives you the ability to select which Kindle eBooks goes to which user groups.

Send eBooks to any PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and more

Have other devices besides Kindle? Whispercast distributes eBooks to a user’s account in the Amazon Cloud that can be accessed on any device with the free Kindle app. The Kindle app is available for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and phones, Blackberry, PC, Mac, and Windows Phone 7.

Track your Kindle content purchases in one place

Multiple purchasers in your organization? No problem. With Whispercast, organizations can easily track their purchase history and access past order information from a single page.


Source: Amazon