Nokia’s Range Of Colourful Wireless Charging & Audio Accessories

One of the more appealing feature of the new Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices is the Qi wireless charging capability. These phones use a standard induction based charging technology that will work on a wide range of charging pads and devices, be it Nokia made or of some other make.
The Qi technology makes it possible to use wireless charging device easily available at home, at office and even in public places. Unlike some earlier Qi-compatible handsets from Verizon, the Lumia 920 smartphone comes with the capability built into it and can thus charge without the need for a special battery cover. The Lumia 820 on the other hand, will need the special battery cover to facilitate NFC capability and wireless charging.

Nokia is offering standard charging plates as well as Fatboy branded pillow style wireless charging mats.

Apart from charging mats, Nokia has partnered with audio major, JBL and Monster to bring a range of colorful wireless audio accessories to match the colour of your Lumia phone.

The first is the Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset by Monster. Purity Pro wireless headsets will connect transfer audio via Bluetooth connection and the devices can be paired using either NFC or regular Bluetooth pairing. These headsets will, however, not get the Beats by Dr Dre branding.  Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset by Monster will be available from later this year for €299 (around $376).

JBL is offering two models of wireless speakers. Both audio devices come with device pairing capability through NFC and Bluetooth. PlayUp portable speaker is the smaller of the two. The design is similar to Nokia 360 speakers but this one comes with JBL audio technology and will only deliver “omnidirectional” audio. These portable devices come with rechargeable batteries that will last a full 10 hours and the speakers weigh only a pound and a half. JBL PlayUp portable speakers will be also be available from later this year for a price of €149 (about $187)
The last accessory is the most powerful one and also the largest. The JBL Power Up was announced along with the new Lumia phones, unlike the others, which were announced much before. The Power Up is more of a audio dock style speaker system but the docking here, is done wirelessly through Bluetooth, again pairing both devices via NFC or Bluetooth. Another unique feature of Power Up speaker is its ability to charge the Lumia 920 and the Lumia 820 (with the special battery cover added) phones when placed on top of it. Quality sound is almost guaranteed with the new JBL Power Up.

Source: The Verge