Nokia Lumia 920 ‘PureView’ Camera Sans 41 MP & Bump

Nokia has introduced its new flagship Windows Phone 8 Lumia 920 which has a camera bearing the company’s PureView branding, which initially led some to believe, the Lumia 920 would come with the same 41 Megapixel monster of a sensor, which debuted on the 808 PureView Symbian smartphone. Now that people are finding out the Lumia 920 has a much more regular, 8MP camera sensor, they are highly disappointed. So, what does the PureView phrase actually mean? Does it mean the Lumia 920’s camera is no better than other smartphone cameras?

Nokia debuted its PureView image capturing technology with the 808 PureView smartphone, which had a 41MP camera. Its capabilities were on par with some low range SLR cameras and much better than standard point and shoot cameras. The massive RAW image generated by the camera gave a lot of freedom to photographers in terms of cropping, zooming and image editing, without loss of quality. Nokia also used binning technology, letting the 808 PureView to capture high quality 5 and 8 MP images in low light conditions.

What we need to understand here is, the 808 PureView with its 41MP sensor was only an exercise to showcase the capabilities of the company. PureView is a word that represents the new image capturing capabilities developed by Nokia. It includes lots of new features,including new image stabilization techniques, never before seen in smartphone cameras. The 41MP camera sensor is just a part of the whole package and not PureView by itself.

Nokia Lumia 920 is a PureView camera phone that has some of these new image capturing technologies incorporated into it. It might not have a 41MP sensor but it does come with Nokia’s “floating lens” optical image stabilization system. This system makes use of tiny springs to keep the lens stable, resulting in a superior image output. This system also makes it possible to capture quality images even in low light conditions.

The Verge spoke to Nokia’s Marko Ahtisaari, head of design, who had this to say.
“On the 920, we focus with as much clarity on image stabilization — how we’re doing the floating lens, the mechanical mastery that goes into something like that — and then the low-light. So that’ll be the focus now, and as we move forward we’ll see.”

With the Lumia 920, Nokia most likely has the best smartphone camera in existence right now. (808 PureView not considered) and it is expected to improve with future models.