Moo Introduces NFC Capable Business Cards

Near Field Communication technology is certainly exciting and full of potential. However, the technology has not yet been widely accepted and is still in its infancy. While many high end smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy S III and Nokia Lumia 920 come with built in NFC chips, their use is still limited to transfer of playlists, or digital money or photos etc. Now, Moo has come up with another innovative way to use NFC technology.

For those who have not heard about Moo, it is a company that solely specialises in creating all sorts of business cards, minicards, postcards and similar products. So, naturally, their use of NFC technology is centred around their business.

Moo is experimenting with digital business cards. Cards that come with a NFC chip hidden inside. The idea is to enable transfer of content from the card to a NFC enabled device like a smartphone or a tablet. Simply tapping a NFC enabled smartphone with the special NFC business card will activate the chip inside the card, transferring the contact and other information to the smartphone. No need of distributing cards, no need for scribbling or typing the information. Also, say for example, you had a change in job or job profile or change of address. With traditional cards, the whole pack would go waste, requiring you to get a new batch printed. But NFC enabled cards are rewritable. Moo says it will provide an Android app just for the purpose of editing the information stored in the NFC business cards. Come to think of it, this would also save a lot of paper.

However, Moo is not ready to start selling the NFC enabled business cards just yet. The idea is still a developing one and lots of glitches need to be sorted out before getting them under production. To get help in developing the product further and to discover bugs, Moo is giving away 150,000 NFC business cards for free, one with every purchase of a pack of regular business cards. But there is another problem that could hinder the new product from becoming popular. NFC technology is not widespread and not found in most smartphones still. But that said, the idea that Moo has come up with is still a promising one and could be the way to go in the near future.