Leak Reveals Upcoming Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Will Have PureView

A Twitter user by the name “Evleaks” has posted images of devices which he claims are the upcoming Windows Phone 8 smartphones from Nokia. The first image shows three phones each in funky colors like bright red, yellow and gray, which the users claims are Nokia Lumia 920. The other image shows a bunch of smartphones, again wearing bright funky colors, which the users marks as the Lumia 820.

Apart from the names and the images, the only information the image uploader has provided are the screen sizes, which is 4.5 inch for the Lumia 920 and 4.3 inch for the Lumia 820. The most interesting bit of information, however, is the mention of “PureView” in the Lumia 920 tweet.

Going by these leaked images, it appears that Lumia 920 might be Nokia’s flagship smartphone, adopting the its PureView proprietary imaging capturing technology, that was first showcased by the Finnish company in the 808 Symbian operating phone. PureView technology fits in a 41 megapixel camera sensor inside a smartphone and the 808 PureView, the first of its kind device, won praises from both reviewers and consumers. The use of PureView camera tech on a Windows Phone has been widely awaited by everyone and is also believed to be the one feature that could place the Nokia Windows Phone way apart from the rest of the competition.

It was believed that Microsoft had given Nokia the exclusive first right to bring out a Windows Phone 8 device, but this misconception was cleared from everyone’s mind when Samsung, Nokia’s main competitor in the Windows Phone segment, unveiled the very first Windows Phone 8 smartphone in the form of Ativ S.

If what we see in these “leaked images” are real deal, then Nokia’s September 5 New York event will be something to really look forward to.