Cook recommends alternative maps app for iPhone 5, apologizes over Apple maps app mess-up in iOS 6

A letter from Tim Cook is recently published on the official Apple website, containing the CEO’s sincere apology, on behalf of the entire company, for the crap maps app installed in its recently-released iPhone 5 iOS 6. As provisional remedy, the iPhone-maker’s CEO has recommended iPhone consumers to use alternative maps software from counterparts Nokia, Google and Microsoft. The letter was published on Friday, September 28th.

Many iPhone 5 fanatics were disappointed after finding out Apple’s map app mess-up besides the limited applications entrenched in the new iPhone device.

Officially launched last week, Apple’s newest iPhone features its very own maps app software instead of Google maps, with the iOS 6 operating system. However, the supposed-to-be all good specs turned into a rotten facet when its loyal consumers learned about the erroneous maps app installed.

Complaints and criticisms immediately feasted over social media networking sites as many iPhone 5 users blasted their frustrations. Links containing Apple’s mess-up map images went viral over the web. Apple has not uttered any comments regarding the issue at first. But probably because of the looping blows from its customers, the company has decided to explain their side lately.

On the letter, Mr. Cook admitted the company fell short in fulfilling its commitment to deliver best possible experience to its consumers, especially with the introduction of the new Apple Maps software last week.

Realizing this failure, the chief executive therefore suggested the use of other Maps app offered by its counterparts including Bing (Microsoft), Google Map and Nokia, according to a report from an Australian news firm. Yet, this is just a transitory solution as the team strives to fix the glitches emerging on the new Apple Maps application in iPhone 5.

Among the errors emerging on its new mapping system in iOS 6 include incorrect locations or relocation of the common landmarks in certain areas of the US and UK.

After extending his sincere apology to all avid iPhone users, Apple’s CEO has guaranteed the company is working diligently to resolve this fault as soon as possible. Pertinent reports said the company has been hiring iOS 6 maps engineers to deal with the problem.

In the meantime, Apple has provided a list of other mapping applications that can be found in the “featured” section of its App Store.  Yet, there may also be some variations on the apps to download per country. Users in Canada and North America may choose Navigon, Garmin, and Sygic apps versions. In the UK, users may select apps from Microsoft, Skobbler and AA Satnav.

Apple has decided to launch its own satnav-like mapping system after Google’s branding broke down. However, it seemed like the company did not plan it very well as it turned out to be a crap maps app instead.

A New York Times writer, David Pogue wrote, “It may be the most embarrassing, least usable piece of software Apple has ever unleashed.”

Based on what is showing on its own mapping program in the latest OS mobile version, Apple cannot deny the fact that the service is useless. Good thing better and more credible alternative maps apps do exist, allowing Apple fanatics to still use their iPhone 5 when navigating through different map locations.

Sources: The Register | Big Pond News

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  1. Mr cOOK how about giving us a way to go back to 5.1.1 in stead of a useless apology. After all you SCREWED it UP. How about just fixing it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. SO what do we do now beside screwing the customer
    apple had removed the ability to use apple Tv and removed the play on other TV”s with out mirroring
    when you fight with Google we the customer has to pay by relearning how to do things in an inferior way.

    Thank s aPPLE for sticking right up out consumer butts!!!!!!!

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