Acer Plans To Expand Smartphone Wing With 6 New Models For 2013

Acer is a well known player in the market when it comes to Windows based desktops and laptops, but the Taiwanese tech major is almost a non entity when counted in the world of smartphones. Acer did try to grow in the ever growing smartphone market by launching a couple of mid range Android operating smartphones like the Liquid Galant and the Liquid Glow. earlier this year. Now, new reports suggest that the company is planning on bringing out six new smartphone models in 2013.

Out of the six, five devices are expected to be Android based smartphones and the last one, a Windows Phone 8 device. Those in the higher end of the spectrum are expected to be powered by a Qualcomm dual core processors, while the lower end devices will have a single core processor from MediaTek. These smartphones will targeted towards an audience from the emerging markets of Southeast Asia, China and Europe.

While the Liquid Galant and the Liquid Glow belong to the mid range segment of smartphones, Acer also has a new device at present, which is a high-end Android smartphone, targeted mostly at the tech savvy business crowd. The device, called Acer CloudMobile S500, is at display at the IFA, making it clear that it is ready to be sold in the European market

As the name suggests, the Acer CloudMobile makes extensive use of cloud storage, with integration of company’s AcerCloud service. This is a service similar to Apple’s iCloud, where files and other content in the phone is automatically synced with other devices from the company. Acer is using this service to help business users to sync content between their Acer PCs and the CloudMobile S500. The CloudMobile S500 offers hardware specifications that are almost on par with the other in the category, such as the Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X. But marketing it as a business phone is kind of restricting its reach.