Microsoft Event Schedule For October Gets Detailed

While we know that Microsoft Windows 8 operating system will be available commercially from the 26th of October, the exact details of the various event that Microsoft will hold in the month of October is not clearly known. Now, a source has told CNET’s Mary Jo Foley, some of the more finer details about the various events such as the individual launch dates and venues where they will be held.

The first of the lineup of events will begin on the 25th of October, a day before Windows 8 will become publicly available. The 25th Oct event is going to be the big one, where Microsoft will officially introduce the Windows 8 operating system and the hotly anticipated Windows Surface RT tablet. The venue selected for this mega event will be The Big Apple (New York city). “Windows 8 and the Surface RT ARM-based devices should be available (at least technically) at midnight, following the launch event.”, says CENT.

October 29 will be the next Microsoft event, which will see the smartphone counterpart of the Windows 8, Windows Phone 8. This event, according to the CNET source, will be held in the  West Coast, which could either be in San Francisco or Los Angeles. According to CNET, “this is considered the “consumer launch” of the product, with handsets to be made available starting a week or two later, meaning early November, as other sources of mine had indicated.”

The final event which will kick off on October 30 and will go on till November 2, will be Microsoft’s Build 2012 conference. Everything from Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Windows Azure to Xbox will be discussed by the gathered developers and software engineers and the lot.

All in all, the second half of October is going to be one hell of busy day for those in the circle and as for consumers, a whole lot to look forward to.