New study app promises to help Irish students boost their brainpower

A new iPhone application, available for free download until Friday, promises to help Irish students boost their brainpower and concentration skills ahead of exams.

“The Study Coach Pro is a groundbreaking app that trains your mind to improve your memory, focus, concentration, motivation and exam results by showing you how to learn, study and remember in the most effective way possible,” the description of its YouTube video claims.

The app is being offered via popular Irish blog

“Where would you rather be: on a sunny exotic beach with your best friends, or sitting in a sweaty exam hall struggling to remember some random theory?” the app’s promotion page asks.

The app, which promises to bring to Irish students the study methods employed by ‘elite students’ was developed in cooperation with software development company Kablingy Software and is available for free download via the App Store until this Friday.

The app’s official about page blurb claims that:”The Study Coach Pro is a ground breaking app that has been developed after modelling the learning styles of outstanding students so that they can be made easily available for you to replicate. Whether you’re struggling with learning and remember mountains of work or simply want the edge over the competition, let The Study Coach Pro get you the results you want!”

“After 5 years of research, development and testing, it has been developed in a simple app to guide you towards better, faster and easier results.”

Students are able to use the app to track the number of hours they are dedicating to each subject, and follow other functions in order to keep their exam study progress on track.