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Students will find that a smartphone is one of the most indispensable tools that they could own. It’s one of the things that must never be left when...Continue reading »

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Wireless electricity is not a new concept as this was demonstrated over 100 years ago by Nikola Tesla.  While this may seem like a solution to the problem...Continue reading »

Samsung recently unveiled its latest flagship smartphone at the Mobile World Congress which is being held right now at Barcelona, Spain. The Samsung Galaxy...Continue reading »

Popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter announced this Sunday that some of its customer data has been hacked. Information that has been compromised includes...Continue reading »

With Flappy Bird now out of the mobile market some enterprising individuals are taking advantage of its popularity by releasing fake versions of the popular...Continue reading »

Welcome to the new era of photography. Forget about pressing a button or tapping a screen in order to capture every precious moment or event in an instant....Continue reading »

During Blizzard Entertainment’s annual Blizzcon event, the developer announced what we’ve all been waiting for — Hearthstone’s...Continue reading »

If you haven’t moved away from the Droid RAZR M on Verizon, the carrier will soon have an OTA update for you. Unfortunately the smartphone isn’t...Continue reading »