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While rumors have been flying around about smart watches for quite some time now, this one is different as it comes straight from Samsung mobile, executive...Continue reading »

Microsoft has published in its support page that support for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8 mobile operating systems will end in 2014. The decision...Continue reading »

  After moving on to Angry Birds merchandise and physical games Rovio Entertainment is now ready to take the next big step. The franchise has announced...Continue reading »

During last year’s widely publicised Apple vs Samsung case dozens of images were dug out of secret boxes for public scrutiny, of early iPhone prototype...Continue reading »

Tablets, as for that matter most smartphones as well, these days come with sealed batteries, which means once the battery goes dry the device has to be...Continue reading »

Apple has performed remarkably well in the smartphone environment from the beginning despite offering a single model compared to dozens from its rivals,...Continue reading »

Looks like Firefox OS is well on its way to becoming a relevant player in the mobile operating system environment, what, with major manufacturers and...Continue reading »

There was a time when cell phones used to come in a variety of form factors such as bar, flip, slide, swivel etc. But with the advent of the age of smartphones...Continue reading »

Huawei has now officially entered the league of big boys with the announcement of its Ascend P2 smartphone at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress. With...Continue reading »

With the introduction of the tablet version of Ubuntu Canonical has covered essentially all platforms, namely, desktop, TV, smartphones and now tablets....Continue reading »